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Investigating the Impact of Transportation Investment on Job Creation through Induced Economic Production

Volume 9, Issue 2, September 2018, Pages 125-154

Rasam Moshrefi; Mehrdad Najafi; Mahmood Reza Keymanesh

The Effect of Population Age Structure Change on the Component of Money Demand in the Iranian Economy

Volume 8, Issue 30, September 2017, Pages 123-141

Mohammad Noferesti; Samaneh Javaherdehi; Masoud Abdollahi

Estimating Tax Buoyancy using Co-integration Technique

Volume 7, Issue 27, December 2016, Pages 71-96

Majeed Maddah; Zahra Norouzi

Investigating the Relation between Oil Revenues Fluctuations and Government Size on Social Capital in Iran

Volume 5, 19-20, March 2015, Pages 79-109

Abazar Karimi Rahjerdi; Mohsen Renani; Mostafa Emadzadeh; Seyed Komail Tayebi

The role of energy use in industry and mine's production process

Volume 5, 17-18, September 2014, Pages 1-15

Raha Sadat Ramezanian; Mohammad Hosein Mahdavi Adeli

Electronic money and its impact on the role of the Central Bank in conducting monetary policy

Volume 5, 17-18, September 2014, Pages 93-109

Alireza Erfani; Zahra Norouzi