The Effect of the Growth of Non – Oil Exports on the Growth of Gross Domestic Products

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1 Faculty member, Shahid Beheshti University

2 MA in Economic

3 PhD student


In the literature on economic growth, foreign trade is regarded as a growth factor since it is an effective factor in forming a country’s economy and is capable of influencing all economic sectors. Among different foreign trade approaches, such as export and import, development of non-oil exports is one of the most important economic and political issues which enjoys top priority not only for the sake of absorbing foreign currency, but in terms of providing employment opportunities in the country.
In this paper, the main discussion is around the analysis of the growth effect of non-oil exports on the domestic non-oil GDP growth and also export growth in separate sectors of agriculture and industry on domestic GDP of these sectors during 1974-2009 using Feder growth model in Iran.
The findings of the study show that non-oil exports of Iran have no significant effect on the growth of non-oil GDP. It is also seen that agricultural export has no meaningful effect on its GDP growth, while it is not benefitting from the export of other non-oil sectors and oil exports. While GDP of industrial sectors is influenced by the exports of this sector, it is also benefiting from the exports of non-oil sectors and oil exports, among which the effect of other non-oil sector’s exports surpasses the other two sectors.


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