Evaluate the Relationship between Market Structure and Pricing in Iranian Industries

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Economics, University of Sistan and Baluchestan


Based on the theories of industrial economics, it is expected that, in markets with extremely high concentration, the gap between price and marginal cost is high and in industries that concentration is low, the price is close to the marginal cost.
In this paper, the researcher have examines the 53 industries in the four-digit codes ISIC, and pricing patterns have been evaluated in the centralized and decentralized industries. The findings of this study denote that the industries that are highly centralized possess very highly profit margins: These industries include firms that produce and manufacture plastics in primary forms and synthetic rubber, fertilizers and Nitrogen compounds, malt liquors, publishing of books, brochures, musical books and other publications, refined petroleum products and refractory ceramic products.


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