Estimating the Economic Value of Housekeeping using the Stone - Geary Approach and Value Added Method

Document Type : Original Article


1 Professor of Economics, Payame Noor University of Tehran, Tehran Iran

2 Assistant Professor of Economics, Statistics Research Center of Iran, Tehran Iran

3 Ph.D Candidate in Economics, Payame Noor University of Tehran, Tehran Iran



The household as a fundamental institution in every society and in the national economy, on the one hand, supplies the labor force to the firms in the inputs market and on the other hand, it is the consumer of the final goods and services in their market. Also, the household is the producer of many goods and services called home products resulting from working at home. Generally, housework is done for three purposes: household self-consumption, supplying the product to the market for gaining income, and housekeeping.  In this study the economic value of the housekeeping is estimated. Since every household requires a minimum of time and a minimum consumption of housekeeping products for its life, in this study the Cobb Douglas production function is used by considering the Stone - Geary approach. According to the findings, the economic value of housekeeping share is estimated at 4% of the 2015 national income. While, in the same year, the shares of activities such as agriculture-gardening and livestocking were had been 8.33% and 5.57% of national income, respectively.


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