Keywords = Co-integration
The Relationship between the Quality of Tourism Services and Economic Growth: An Endogenous Growth Model

Volume 8, Issue 32, March 2018, Pages 125-150

Majid Dashtban Farooji; Abdollah Khoshnudi; Sahar Dashtban Faroji

The role of energy use in industry and mine's production process

Volume 5, 17-18, September 2014, Pages 1-15

Raha Sadat Ramezanian; Mohammad Hosein Mahdavi Adeli

The role of population age structure in the households’ demand for real estate investment

Volume 4, Issue 16, March 2014, Pages 69-87

Mohammad Noferesti; Smira Sadeghi Goghari

Population Age Structure and Inflation in Iran

Volume 2, 5-6, September 2011, Pages 69-90

Mohammad Noferesti; Mohammad Reza Bazari Ardestani