Keywords = Inflation
Investigating the Time-Frequency Volatility Spillover among Exchange Rate, Inflation, Stocks and Housing Prices in Iran

Volume 13, Issue 2, July 2022, Pages 65-93


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The Threshold and Nonlinear Effect of Real and Nominal Variables on Inflation: the TAR Approach

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Forecasting Monthly Inflation Rate: Application of ECM-MIDAS Model

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The Study of Relationship between Interest Rate and Inflation in Iran

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Investigating Determinants of Iran’s Inflation, with the Use of Bayesian Averaging Approach

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NAIRU and Core Inflation Simultaneous Measurement in Iran Economy

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Population Age Structure and Inflation in Iran

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The Threshold Rate of Inflation and Its Relation with Economic Growth

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A Survey of the Sources of Real Exchange Rate and Inflation Fluctuations in a survey of the Iran

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Hossein Samsami; Saeid Totonchi Maleki